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Looking for a Truly Magnificent Tribute? A Wood Pet Casket Is the Way to Go

If youíve decided that you want to inter your pet in the best quality casket available, a wood pet casket is what youíre looking for.  The prices are not for the faint of heart, but the beauty and excellence of the design canít be matched.

Wood caskets are usually hand made; meaning a lot of attention is put into the details.  Most manufacturers will also include sizes appropriate for birds to large dogs.  The merchant we recommend on the Pet Caskets page also have caskets with beautiful finish on them that you will love. They can also custom build a casket to meet your needs. 

Pet caskets generally include a lining of fabric and a final resting pillow.  The overall design mimics a human casket, though they of course are considerably less expensive than a human coffin.  Something else to keep in mind before you purchase a pet casket -  the bigger they are, the heavier they are which will increase the cost of shipping.

A wood pet casket is a lovely tribute to your departed best friend.  If you look beyond the price and think of the quality; youíll buy one today.