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There Are Lots of Great Unusual Dog Urns Available

If you’ve had your dog cremated, and you’re looking for an unusual dog urn, we can help.  We’ve come across some very different urns than the standard box urn, which is so popular these days.  You can find the products we mention in this article on the Pet Urns page.  Continue reading to get an idea of what’s available.

One that I like very much is a rotating photo frame urn.  Designed to hold 4 vertical photos it has plenty of room to store either your pet’s cremains or a favorite toy.  Also quite inexpensive, and no one has to know what it is unless you tell them.

The most popular option at one store we recommend is the dog figurine urn.  It’s a traditional boxy urn with a twist – a figurine of your dog on top and a brass plate with room for 3 lines of text.  There are over 400 available purebred dog figurines to choose from, with some breeds having more than one choice for color.

My favorite though is the pendant urn.  They’re small, handcrafted pieces worn on a chain or rope (your preference) that hold a small amount of your pet’s cremains or perhaps a piece of their fur.  You can get a cross, heart, Star of David, plain rectangle and even more shapes.  They stay sealed and are simply beautiful – the designs are such that if I saw them in a jewelry store I would consider them.

Whatever unusual dog urn you choose, I hope you enjoy it.