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Slate Pet Memorial Markers Are Inexpensive and Beautiful

If youíve already decided you would like a slate pet memorial marker, we can help you find one.  If you still need some convincing or need more information, keep reading.  If youíre ready to buy now, visit our Pet Memorial Markers page for stores we recommend that carry what youíre looking for.

You can get slate markers or garden stones in different color schemes, for example: black lettering on green slate, or gold lettering on black slate.  Usually you can include from 2-4 lines of text, which you can customize.  A popular choice is the petís name, year of birth, year of death or the petís name and an inspirational quote.  Thatís up to you.

Remarkably, despite the fact slate memorial markers are so beautiful, they are quite inexpensive.  Prices vary of course, but almost all of the ones Iíve found are currently under $100, some much cheaper.  Not that a price can be put on a petís memory, of course, but for those who are budget conscious, this is a good price.

Make sure if you want to put it outside that the slate marker is designed for that.  Most are Ė slate is a very durable stone to begin with Ė but see if the description of the marker includes something like ďsealed with weather-proof _____Ē.  Most are, and you can be assured that it will look almost exactly the same in 20, 30, or even 50 years from now.