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Keep Your Pet Close to You With A Pet Urn

If you decide to have your pet cremated and opt to keep the ashes, youíll need a pet urn to keep them in.  Make sure when requesting this that your pet will be cremated separate from other animals Ė itís not done by default.  (More about that in a related article.)

These days, the options for pet urns have increased and are quite beautiful.  Iíve seen some gorgeous and unique cat urns (even shaped like cats), unusual dog urns, and some very special pet urns in general.  And pet urns are affordable now too, so you wonít have to break the bank to keep your petsí memory alive. You can also opt for pet necklace urns to keep your pet close to your heart Ė not they were ever far to begin with. 

They are also available in a variety of materials.  There are metal cat urns, mahogany pet urns, ceramic pet urns and even stone pet urns.  The choices are endless.  So whatever your heart desires to keep your petís precious remains in, you will most likely find it.

Please visit the links below to find the perfect pet urn for you.

Pet-Urns.com - Figurine, jewelry, traditional, rock and many more types of urns.  You're sure to find exactly what you're looking for.

VetMedDirect.com - Beautiful custom, hand made urns - special sizes available.

PetCareCentral.com has beautiful cremation and keepsake urns to choose from, and with FREE Shipping on orders over $50 you can't go wrong.

Doggiedoodles.com Custom Gifts of YOUR Dog! - They have beautiful urns that you can have customized with your pet's image.  Also memorial pendants to hold your pet's ashes.