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A Pet Memorial Photo Frame Can Be a Beautiful and Unique Option

A pet memorial with photo frame doesnít have to be a boxy urn.  These of course are still beautiful, but if you prefer something more original, or less obtrusive and obvious, there are many more choices available on the market today.  This article will outline I few I have found.  If you would like to purchase one that I mention, I link to the stores on the Pet Memorials page.

A photo frame Iíve found that is very original is the ďfoldingĒ frame.  It can hold two vertical photos, and opens like a book.  It has secured compartment to hold your petís remains or if you prefer, favorite small toys, collar or anything else of value to you.  Itís not too big, although there are 3 sizes available, and simply looks like a picture frame.  Also quite inexpensive, itís a great choice if youíre on a budget.

If you prefer a frame that simply looks like a frame, this one is perfect.  It contains a separate, secure box behind the frame (not visible from a casual glance) again to hold remains or a cherished memento if you prefer.  This photo frame is great if you want a keepsake close but not too obvious.

My personal favorite is the rotating frame.  Itís a box that rotates and can hold 4 vertical photos.  It also has a distinct section for keepsakes, cremains or whatever reminders you would like to put in it.  Also not too expensive, and it just looks like a beautiful picture frame, not ostentatious, itís not obvious at all what it holds.

I hope you find the perfect pet memorial photo frame for you.