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Pet Memorial Ornaments are a Lovely Way to Remember Your Pet

If you want a tasteful but simple way to remember your pet, consider a pet memorial ornament.  It doesnít have to be a Christmas tree ornament.  It could easily be a figurine on your mantle or bookshelf.  If you wanted, it could also contain your petís ashes.

I think one of the most beautiful memorials Iíve seen is a likeness of your pet hand-drawn on an ostrich egg.  The artist offers different methods of doing the likeness, with pencil, pen and ink.  The artist can also create a drawing of your pet on other mediums.  You can find a link to that store on the Pet Memorials page of our site.

Another option would be a Christmas tree ornament.  You could hang a Christmas themed figurine of your petís breed.  Some people even have the angel at the top of the tree in the shape of their pet.

The important thing is for you to find something youíre comfortable with, whether thatís a pet memorial ornament, a clay figurine or a drawing of your pet to go over your fireplace.  We hope youíll find something within these pages that keeps your petís memory alive for many years to come.