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Pet Memorial Markers are the Perfect Way to Remember Your Pet

If you plan to inter your pets remains, you will likely also want a pet memorial marker.  Just to be clear, the following terms are interchangeable when talking about memorial markers: tombstones, headstones and grave markers.  There is now a wide variety of pet memorial markers to choose from.  Listed below are the most popular options available:

  • River stone pet memorial markers these are beautiful stones literally found in rivers that can be engraved with the epitaph you prefer.  They vary greatly in price due to the various sizes, but the smaller ones are fairly inexpensive.
  • Granite pet memorial markers easily engraved with the text of your choice, beautiful and in the low to middle price range.
  • Marble pet memorial markers marble tends to be at the high end of the price spectrum, but Ive found a company that will engrave a picture of your pet that you provide as well as the text of your choice at a decent price.
  • Slate pet memorial markers the least expensive of the various memorial marker materials, and yet still very attractive.  Good option for those on budgets.

Visit the links below for a big selection of pet memorial markers there are many more options than those mentioned above.

Preserve the memory of your pet with a pet memorial plaque from OurCornerMarket.com - Offering species specific (or not) pet memorial markers in different colors and materials.

PetCareCentral.com - With beautiful granite memorial stones (with engraved text of your choice) and FREE Shipping! on orders over $50, PetCareCentral.com is an excellent choice.

Personalized Pet Gifts from PersonalizationMall.com - Including pet  memorial stones and plaques that you will enjoy for years to come.

JeffersPet.com - Beautiful pet memorial stones inscribed with an inspirational saying to help ease your pain.

Doggiedoodles.com Custom Gifts of YOUR Dog! - You can get personalized pet memorial markers in a few different materials.  More coming soon, but plenty available now.