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Are You Considering Marble Pet Memorial Markers?

Are you looking for information on marble pet memorial markers?  Have you already decided?  This article will give you more information to help you decide.  If youíre certain you want a marble marker, go to our Pet Memorial Markers page to buy one from our recommended stores.

One of the first factors to consider is the beauty of marble pet markers.  Thereís nothing like marble Ė so smooth and beautiful.  Of course, with the beauty comes the expense.  Itís definitely the most expensive material to make a memorial marker with, so if youíre on a tight budget, it may not be for you.

I think the reason I prefer marble markers is because of the fact they can be etched.  Most stores will allow you to send them a picture of your pet (email or snail mail, whateverís easiest) and they will laser etch it into the marble.  It's amazing - a true likeness of your pet on marble, like the one seen here.  You can also include a few lines of text like the petís name, year of birth and death and a nice quote.

A point to consider Ė make sure that itís manufactured in a way that it can be left outside if thatís what your preference is.  Otherwise, it will deteriorate quickly.  You can always clear a nice spot for it in your home though.  Either way, I hope you enjoy the marble pet memorial marker you choose.